North East

Welcome to the North East Region of LLG

We cover local authorities in:

  • Tyne and Wear
  • Northumberland
  • Durham 
  • Teesside

What we do:

As one of the most active LLG branches in the country, we run a variety of training events for our members. These feature speakers from leading local and national law firms, along with barristers' chambers. We also host a biennial conference. Recent plans have been disrupted by COVID-19, but we look forward to arranging the event when matters have settled down.

If you would like to see training on a particular topic, please get in touch. We also have regular email contact with our members, providing details of job opportunities, training events and legal updates. To advertise a job at your authority, please email:

Please sign up to the North East Region by logging into your account and in "my LLG", under "my regions" press join.

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Regional Lead Officer 

Tim Briton 


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Deputy Regional Lead Officer

Kamila Coulson-Patel 



Suzanne Gamble