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Online - Local Authority Environmental Prosecutions

19 May 2022 09:30 - 14:30


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19 May 2022  |  From £205 + VAT



This course provides a solid and practical introduction to the law and practice of local authority environmental prosecutions. Delivered by Aneeka Muneer, a magistrates’ court advocate with over fifteen years’ experience, the course will provide attendees with a basic knowledge and understanding of local government criminal litigation and magistrates' court process; good practice tips for case management, evidence review, identification of criminal offences and proceeding with a prosecution; the confidence to apply what they have learned and deal with a range of advocacy in the magistrates’ court.

This course is aimed at trainee solicitors and those new to local government prosecutions who wish to understand how best to prepare a file for a magistrates’ court, gain an understanding of the statutory and criminal procedural rules relevant to local authority legal service, and develop basic advocacy skills.



  • Review of file: case study
  • Local Government Act 1972 - delegation/authorisation/constitution
  • Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996: disclosure
  • Criminal Justice Act 2003: witness evidence
  • PACE - code of practice
  • CPS Code: two fold test
  • Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006: Enforcement Policy
  • Criminal Procedure Rules (latest version October 2020) - summons/information requirement
  • Offences and defences
  • Point to account - time bar, primary authority
  • Criminal Procedure Rules: preparation prior to hearings
  • Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980: various hearings
  • Preparation for summary/either way offence, guilty/not guilty plea
  • Out of court disposals, plea equivocal, additional court orders
  • Advocacy tips
  • Sentencing guidelines and prosecution/defence cost application
  • Tips in dealing with court staff/clerks/duty solicitors/defence lawyers/interpreters
  • Do's and don'ts of case presentation

Aneeka Muneer Sarwar

Solicitor - Education, Employment and Litigation Team, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Aneeka Muneer has been a magistrates’ court advocate for over fifteen years. In 2010 she qualified as a solicitor at Bradford Metropolitan District Council in the criminal and civil litigation team. Since 2011 she has been the regional lead for prosecutions for LLG’s SAA for Yorkshire and Humberside. Aneeka was recently appointed as director for membership on the LLG national board. Aneeka completed the Diploma in Local Government Law and Practice in 2018 and holds a firm knowledge base for understanding internal dimensions within local government and also the political interplay between central and local government. The description given by clerks at court is that Aneeka is 'one of the most organised and methodical prosecutors'.

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