Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

Why we value diversity and inclusion

Local Government values diversity and inclusion for many reasons, not least because it is essential that it reflects the communities it serves. Importantly, a diverse workforce ensures better outcomes, fosters innovation, gives a broader understanding of perspectives; creating a more inclusive workplace with wider opportunities for all.

Here at LLG, we want to better reflect the membership we serve. We want the best people to work for us. We want our workplace to be inclusive. We also want to encourage diverse ideas, open debate and perspectives that challenge prevailing wisdom at board level, in our national groups, and our regions. Our culture is one of openness, support and respect for the individual; we revel in complexity and foster an environment of ever-evolving change, where all contributions are warmly received and every member is valued. 

If you work for us, with us, or alongside us, we’d like you to feel that your views are respected, that you can be yourself and achieve your full potential.

Our board 

We are proud of our diverse and inclusive board, which fosters legal expertise, management talent and  leadership along with creative thinking. Our board positions automatically attract a diverse range of applicants, leading to a good balance of gender, age, and race. The board is reflective of the profile of our members and the communities they serve. 

Our current board members

Our resources

LLG Webinars share the learning around diversity and inclusivity with our members, providing opportunity for debate on emerging themes.