The LLG team

Meet our team

We are a close-knit team of legal, public sector, and membership services professionals with personality and passion for the work of LLG; dedicated to ensuring that members are up to date, connected, and able to progress and perform to the best of their ability throughout their career.

We work with a clear purpose, with an appetite to influence positive change within local and national government agendas in the short, medium, and long term, campaigning for tangible change across the local authority legal sector. Unfazed by any obstacle, LLG works with members and their local authorities and collaborates with other organisations across the public sector, to deliver both excellent member services, wider influence, and importantly, a sustainable profession.

Deborah Evans, CEO

Deborah is responsible for driving forward the strategic ambitions of LLG, working closely with the board to design the best possible service for the lawyers who make up our membership. She assists in setting the strategy whilst leading the team to deliver the organisations goals within an agreed budget to ensure tangible value for money for local authorities. Collaborating with others across the sector, Deborah strives for local and national influence on key policy items through improved visibility and an ambitious policy and campaign agenda. 


Since her appointment as LLG’s first CEO in 2018, Deborah has steered the transformation of the organisation to one with strong levels of membership engagement with a vibrant online knowledge, training and conference programme. Deborah and the talented team ensured that LLG demonstrated its value during the pandemic, producing fast-paced guidance and lobbying for policy change to ensure members could thrive. In 2021, Deborah led the launch of the first national work experience week for law students in local authorities across the country, with a plan to repeat this annually, complemented by a national graduate recruitment scheme in 2023. 

Deborah Evans
Helen McGrath – Executive Director of Policy & Governance
Ann Harlow – Head of Business Services
Lucy Duncan – Training Manager

Helen is responsible for driving forward the campaign element of LLG's work and contributes to the formation of policy and membership benefits. Helen leads on responses to government consultations and written evidence; producing guidance, protocols, and briefings of benefit to the membership whilst engaging in stakeholder and corporate partner liaison.

Helen oversees the National Lead programme, provides supports to the Regions and oversees communications and press liaison. Helen is a qualified solicitor and the company secretary.

Ann is the Head of Business Support Services for LLG, responsible for delivering a wide range of operational services including Information Technology, Finance, overseeing the Administrative Support Team, along with organising the two LLG residential conferences, whilst delivering major projects to further LLG's strategic objectives.




Lucy is the Training Manager for LLG, seamlessly developing and delivering a programme of legal and skills training for local government lawyers, including themed one day conferences on specific legal disciplines. Lucy brings her skills in all aspects of online and hybrid delivery and enjoys working with a diverse range of speakers to ensure that LLG training is high quality, relevant and accessible.



Daria Dowie – Legal, Projects & Training Executive
Rachel Carruthers – Business, Finance and IT Executive
Jack McCann – Legal Events, Projects & Technical Executive

Daria is the Legal Policy, Training & Project Coordinator for LLG, working tirelessly to support the delivery of legal training and conferences to our members whilst assisting in the design and delivery of major strategic objectives such as work experience week and undertaking campaign, legal policy and project work.





Rachel provides essential all-round support and assistance to the team and the wider membership on email enquiries, particularly with respect to membership as LLG’s subscription expert.

Rachel is also responsible for financial processing and expense management, and most importantly for the use and development of the Information Technology software and hardware supporting the business, happy to advise staff and members alike as to how to use our systems to best effect, assisting with trouble shooting and problem resolution.

Jack is the Legal Events & Project Coordinator for LLG, ably juggling the delivery of webinars,  regional and national group meetings, supporting online training and conference provision, and running online awards ceremonies whilst delivering major campaigns and projects for LLG such as LLG Inspire and national work experience week.




Ore Shoyinka - Executive Assistant: Corporate
Nylah Clarke-Mills - Executive Assistant: Regions
 Simran Panesar - Legal Training, Membership Support and Projects Co-ordinator

Ore is LLG’s Executive Assistant Corporate, the point of contact for all LLG Board members. Ore is responsible for organising and managing the LLG board meetings. Prior to her role at LLG, she worked in a heavily regulated industry as an analyst where she engaged in regulatory work. She is currently a master’s student at Durham University studying International Law and Governance with particular interest in Corporate Governance.


Nylah supports the strategic direction of the Regions. She is responsible for helping to create a solid and collaborative foundation within each region by regularly engaging with stakeholders, corporate partners and framework providers to forge better connections. She also collates data and organises meetings, providing administrative assistance to our regional directors. Alongside working at LLG, Nylah is currently studying the LLM SQE and hopes to work closely with local government in the future.

Simran supports the company and management team through undertaking administrative tasks, such as maintaining records, monitoring the membership data base and handling enquiries. In addition, collating, producing and distributing the LLG Newsletter and Membership Bulletin to the members of LLG, alongside updating website content and organising dates for virtual meetings. Also, assisting in the organisation, promotion and delivery of legal training events.


Dennis Hall – Bulletin Editor
Janet Hooper – Welsh Policy Officer

Dennis is LLG’s weekly Bulletin Editor, responsible for providing up to date and topical content for members and is also a co- presenter of the LLG Grapevine podcast. He is a solicitor, a legal associate of the RTPI, a councillor and member of a local Standards Committee of a major local authority.

Dennis has been a past Chair of LLG’s predecessors and has served the boards of a number of external public bodies.

Janet is the Welsh Bulletin editor for LLG, producing the LLG monthly Senned update detailing changes in law, policy and practice applicable to our Welsh members.