The Board

Our Board is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of LLG. It meets monthly to review the organisations performance against its objectives, approve the strategy, drive forward the campaign agenda, and oversees the finances to ensure that members are provided with an excellent return on their investment through a strong programme of membership engagement opportunities including training, conferences, and networking events. These important discussions help us achieve long term success in shaping the local government legal sector and government policy, and play a major role in ensuring that the needs of our members and their respective local authorities are met.

Chaired by the LLG President, our 14 Board directors are a diverse mix of member representatives who are leaders in their field, along with a non-executive director with responsibility for equality and diversity, and the Chief Executive who is an executive director. The board strives to be balanced from the perspective of gender and ethnicity, but is also diverse from the perspective of skills, experience, knowledge and thinking styles.

Our Board Members

Helen Edwards, President
Rachel McKoy, Vice President
Aneeka Muneer Sarwar, Deputy Vice Prsident

Helen has worked in local authority legal teams for 25 years, holding Monitoring Officer roles in a number of authorities since 2007. Having worked in County, District, Unitary and London Borough Councils, she has a broad experience of the issues and challenges facing local government, and local government lawyers.

Helen is currently Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer, Norfolk County Council.


Rachel is a commercial law specialist, with extensive experience acquired within local and central government. She is passionate about both championing the voices of our members and showcasing the breadth of complexity local government law offers through the work of LLG, as reflected by her former role as Chief Projects Assessor for the Diploma in Local Government Law and Practice (2016-19).

Rachel is currently Assistant Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Hounslow.

Aneeka has worked in local government since 2006 qualifying in-house as a solicitor at Bradford Metropolitan District Council in the criminal and civil litigation team. She has been a magistrates court advocate for local government for over 15 years and continues to undertake regulatory prosecutions and advisory work in the area of enforcement for regulatory environmental work.

Aneeka is also the regional lead for prosecutions for LLG SAA, Yorkshire and Humberside.

Quentin Baker, Immediate Past President
Deborah Evans, CEO
Fiona Anthony, LLGE Chair & Training Director

Quentin has worked as a lawyer in the public sector for 17 years during which he has managed a variety of legal and other services around the country. 

Quentin currently works for Hertfordshire County Council.






Deborah Evans was appointed in 2018 as the first Chief Executive of LLG. Having started her career in local government at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, she has since gone on to work in senior roles across the legal sector, including the in-house legal team of a major retailer; as a Practice Director of a law firm; in management at the Legal Aid Board; Chief Executive of the Legal Complaints Service, and most recently as Chief Executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Deborah has also been involved with digital claims resolution platforms such as Claims Portal and MedCo.

Fiona joined nplaw (a shared legal service hosted by Norfolk County Council) almost seven years ago as a Professional Support Lawyer with responsibility for training, research and business development. 







Michelle Rowe, Branch Board Representative
Emma Harrison, National Lead Board Representative
Helen Lynch, National Lead Board Representative

Michelle has been involved with LLG's West Midlands Brach for a number of years as Secretary, Deputy Chair and Chair.

Michelle is a Solicitor at  Wolverhampton City Council.






Emma is a solicitor-advocate at Devon County Council employed as a Senior Lawyer in the Adult Social Care Team.

Emma has 10 years’ experience working in Local Authority Legal Departments.

She has particular interest in advocacy and presenting training courses in house and via LLG.

Emma has been the LLG National Lead for Adult Social Care and Health since 2016. has been the LLG National Lead for Adult Social Care and Health since 2016.

Helen trained as a solicitor in Local Government and has nearly 20 years’ experience in working at both district and unitary level. Helen initially specialised in civil and criminal litigation, obtaining Higher Rights of audience in the criminal courts. Since becoming a Deputy Monitoring Officer and subsequently a Monitoring Officer, Helen has specialised in all aspects of local authority governance but has a particular interest in the Standards Regime.

Helen is currently Head of Legal & Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer, Durham County Council.

Advisory Role, John Purvis, Junior Lawyer Lead 
Kieran McGaughey, Membership Director
Rochelle Tapping, Membership Director

John is an Assistant Solicitor at Leeds City Council, specialising in Procurement and Commercial Contracts. After a short spell in private practice, I started my local government legal career in 2013 as a Legal Apprentice, before moving between various local authorities and gaining experience in a wide variety of areas, and eventually qualifying in June 2021.

Outside of the Council, I am an active member of the Leeds Junior Lawyers Division and a member of the Procurement Lawyers Association.

John will be an advisor to the board for one year and will then become a Director of LLG, and the Junior Lawyer Board Representative.

Kieran is a commercial solicitor at Newcastle City Council, specialising in public procurement law and State aid/subsidy control. He trained at a local authority and since then has advised a number of councils and combined authorities.

Having been involved with our North East branch committee since 2018, Kieran joined the national LLG board in 2020. He is also the LLG national lead for procurement law. Kieran sits on the executive committee of the Procurement Lawyers’ Association (PLA) and is vice-chair of their public sector working group.



Rochelle is a qualified lawyer and is currently employed as the Head of Legal & Deputy Monitoring Officer at the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority









Matt Phillips, Welsh Advisor to the Board
Manisha Patel, Non Executive Director to the LLG Board for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Advisory Role, Suki Binjal, LLG Law Society Council representative

Matt is the Welsh representative on the LLG Board. He’s a Barrister with a background primarily in International Law and did a variety of roles with organisations such as the EU and the Royal Marines during a 16 year career with the Royal Navy before joining Local Government in 2018, first as the Head of Law and Monitoring Officer before stepping into his current role.

Matt is currently Chief Officer People and Governance Monitoring Officer, Monmouthshire County Council.


Manisha Patel is an Inclusion and Culture Strategist, Non-Executive Director, Executive Coach, and Founder of the Female Executive Mentoring Programme.

Manisha is currently working with a range of high profile organisations as a strategic advisor on diversity, inclusion and culture.  In her role as Non-Executive Director at LLG, Manisha advises and supports the Board on ensuring all strategic decisions embed equality, diversity and inclusion.


Suki Binjal is the Director of Law, Governance and HR at Lewisham Borough Council, and a Past President of LLG with a long standing and impressive history with lawyers in local government. She routinely speaks at events and training sessions and her focus is to champion the role of lawyers in the public sector and to promote positive engagement across the broad spectrums of local authority governance and leadership.

She is an experienced public sector solicitor providing legal and strategic advice to local authorities and other public bodies.