Litigation and Licensing

Welcome to the National Litigation and Licensing Group of LLG

We represent LLG with a number of stakeholder organisations including the Institute of Licensing, the Local Government Association and Public Health England, working closely with them to ensure that we can contribute our knowledge and experience to help shape policy and legislation.

We deliver training and speak at conferences and round-tables, highlighting both the challenges we see in our roles in local government and the expertise that local government lawyers bring to the discussion.

We also support the LGA peer challenge programme, spending time within councils to identify and address issues and challenge progress across a range of themes.

National meetings for litigation and licensing are organised through the LLG lunchtime webinar programme, offering participants an opportunity to hear from experts on key topics and to share their own knowledge and learning.

Please sign up to the National Litigation and Licensing Interest Group by logging into your account and in "my LLG", under "my national interest groups" press join.

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National Lead Officer 

Tim Briton


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Deputy National Lead Officer - Litigation 

Aneeka Sarwar  


Deputy National Lead Officer - Licensing 

Stephen Turner