24 Jun 2022

Blog: 24 June 2022 - Kieran McGaughey and Rochelle Tapping, LLG Membership Directors

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I am delighted to have been reappointed to the LLG board this year, in my continuing role as our Membership Director. I say “our” Membership Director, but LLG is first and foremost a membership organisation. As such, I am very much your Membership Director. Please do get in touch if you have any comments, queries or suggestions around the work that LLG is doing. As a local authority lawyer myself, I recognise the challenges our sector faces – recruitment, retention, and adapting to post-pandemic work patterns (amongst others). We hope to support our members in these areas.

Aside from challenges however, our sector also offers great opportunities. Our new LLG President Helen Edwards’s goals are to promote equality, diversity, inclusion and social mobility. Our work experience weeks, and graduate recruitment work, promotes those goals and opportunities. I hope you are able to get involved with those initiatives, and that your authorities will reap the rewards with an enriched talent pool in the coming years. 

Last year I very much enjoyed working with my fellow Membership Director, Aneeka Sarwar. Aneeka has now gone on to bigger and better things as our new Deputy Vice President. I am looking forward to developing a similarly positive working relationship with Rochelle Tapping, who replaces Aneeka in the role. 

Kieran McGaughey, LLG Membership Director   


It is with great joy that I take up this appointment to the LLG board as Membership Director, shared with Kieran, also holding an identical post. My commitment is to you, our members. This opportunity allows me to best represent you so let’s work together. LLG continues to pave the way for those in our professions and we are so fortunate to have a host of provisions available for our benefit. I know that our President, Board, CEO and officer team, have plans of doing great things and this is exciting.

The last few years have been challenging, caused by external factors beyond our control. Although some challenges continue, I am confident that we are heading towards new and innovative ways of living and doing all things. I want to ensure that membership engagement reflects good outcomes. Membership engagement is of paramount importance and so I ask you “what do members want?” 

Let us start the conversation.  

Feel free to reach out to me directly at Rochelle.Tapping@birmingham.gov.uk 

Rochelle Tapping, LLG Membership Director  

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