04 Feb 2022

LLG Seek Two Membership Directors to Join Board

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LLG are looking to recruit two Membership Directors to join its productive Board of Directors and help shape and support the profession of lawyers and governance officers in local government. These roles are designed to encourage members to engage at the top level of the organisation and to represent the membership’s interests.


This great opportunity will place you at the cutting edge of local authority law and practice, offering great networking and partnership arrangements with our members, corporate partners and stakeholder organisations.


Both positions are for a fixed term period of two years running from the April 2022 AGM.  

If you would like to discuss the role then please contact Helen McGrath, Head of Public Affairs at Helen@llg.org.uk in the first instance.

Closing Date

14th February 2022

The Role

To develop and shape the strategy of the company for the benefit of lawyers and governance officers in local government in the provision of member benefits, training, policy, lobbying, campaigns, communications and networking.

The role is non- remunerated, but expenses are paid in line with our expense policy. The ability to attend LLG training and our two main conferences attaches to the role. You are also asked to attend 12 Board meetings per year the majority of which take place virtually on a Friday morning.

Application Process

  • To apply please submit a written statement outlining how you meet the job description and criteria together with your CV to membership@llg.org.uk



  • 14th February 2022 – closing date for applications
  • 25th February 2022 – LLG Board to consider eligible applications based on criteria
  • 28th February 2022 – membership voting opens for successful candidates
  • 14th March 2022 – membership voting closes and successful candidate notified
  • April 2022 AGM – successful candidate appointed.



  • 1.Must be a full member of Lawyers in Local Government
  • 2.Must be currently actively working within Local Government
  • 3.Must be capable of holding a Director position in England and Wales under company law
  • 4.Must have some understanding of the work of LLG and its aims and objectives
  • 5.Should have some understanding of the current challenges facing local government lawyers
  • 6.Strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities

Job Description

Board Director:

  • Play a full and active role in LLG, taking part in discussions and encouraging debate
  • Prepare well for meetings, reading papers and thinking through issues
  • Contribute in a considered and constructive way
  • Complete any action points as agreed and to timetable
  • Make decisions in the best interests of LLG for the good of the wider membership, not just your own authority
  • Ensure LLG is well run through appropriate challenge
  • Raise issues and questions in a sensitive way
  • Keep up to date with the workings of LLG and the local government sector
  • Act in good faith and be accountable for your actions
  • Respect majority decisions even when you are in the minority
  • Have a working knowledge of the mem & arts
  • Actively contribute to improving the governance of the board
  • Work to identify and encourage candidates to ensure succession to the board

Membership Director Job Description: as board director, plus the following additional requirements

  1. As a member of the LLG Board, promote the interests of the companies membership by informed contributions to devising policy and strategy for the future direction of LLG including preparing papers for the Boards as appropriate.
  2. To undertake a workload on behalf of LLG including responding to emails and preparing papers as appropriate.
  3. To accept engagements as a speaker at conferences / virtual events and other relevant events to raise the profile of LLG and communicate its aims and objectives.
  4. To undertake such other activity or communication as from time to time might be necessary in the interests of and/or to the benefit of LLG as required.

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